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What makes Mini projectors differ?

Mini Projector: Whether for school, job or private - with a mini projector you can both create presentations as well as play audio and video files. Due to the increasing technology in many areas nowadays, and the different needs of people, mini projectors, in terms of design and features, are constantly being developed. Thus, there is a variety of different mini projectors on the market that are perfectly tailored to the demands in all areas of daily life. mini projector test:

What is important when buying a Mini projector?

If necessary, when buying you should first give your attention to the durability, ie the lifespan. Depending on whether you want to use the mini projector only occasionally or if it is to be used daily, how long does this is important. The background here is the functioning of LED lights. Since this part has been installed in the device and can not be replaced, you must, when the lights break, purchase a new projector. Another important point is the image resolution and image size. Depending on what you want to use the mini projector for, it is important that the image fits your needs. Especially graphic presentations need to clearly show a large and sharp image, the same is true for video presentations. Also important is the battery life. Since most Mini projectors run on battery and thus run wirelessly, the battery for ideal viewing pleasure should last at least two hours.


Very good projectors even allow a three-hour battery life. It is best to pay attention to the models that can be used with both cable and battery. As a final point you must check the connection possibilities. With today's technology and the ability to have film and video storage on smartphones and iPads, a projector should be connected to these devices. In addition to the transmission via cable, you can also connect to projectors with wireless function.led mobile projector


What makes Mini projectors differ?

Mini projectors generally offer the advantage that they both take up little space on desks and are portable due to their small size. Another advantage with mini projectors is that they are also priced low to mid-segment and so can be acquired, even for sporadic use.Mini projectors differ in appearance and also in terms of equipment and function. In addition to different lumens numbers and the lifespan, there are also major differences in terms of compatibility and the projection size. Mini Projector Test:

Why buy an LED Mini Projector?

Compared to projectors without LED lights, the functional capabilities in a projector with LED are greater. In terms of size, smaller dimensions have an advantage. While normal sized projectors are often bulky and impractical, Mini projectors are specifically designed for stress-free application, even on the go. These small projectors are not only compact, but also lighter and thus ideal for regular transport. Which is the best Mini projector? Due to the abundance of compact models available, it is difficult to choose a winner. Moreover, Mini projectors been developed for different needs. Generally, however, a good price-performance ratio and compatibility with both TV and PC is critical. Also very good and newer models are equipped with a wireless LAN function. This also allows you to connect the PC or laptop to the projector wirelessly. So you can send films and presentations to play directly and with remote control from the computer to the projector. Small Projector

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Can Mini projectors be used in the light?

It is generally possible to use Mini projectors even with light and thus to use outdoors. Here, however, you should pay attention to a correspondingly high brightness in the projection. But the number of lumens is crucial. If you intend to use the Mini projector in light then a minimum of 2000 lumens is required. Only this number can produce enough light to ensure that the projected image can be seen. Particularly high-quality models also include more than 3000 lumens, ideal for a movie night under the stars. hdmi led projector

The connection options are crucial

Even the best LED PROJECTOR may perform poorly in the test without the corresponding connections, if it can not be used for the intended purpose. Thus, it is crucial that certain storage media can be connected for the transmission of image, sound and video and to the device. One of the most common connections is the USB port. This allows, for example, both your phone and an MP3 player as well as to connect a simple USB device and play the files on the LED PROJECTOR. Also important may be a card card slot for SD. SD cards are in use in cameras. With the right slot, you can immediately transfer the photos on your camera to the LED PROJECTOR. Whether a slide-show or presentation - both are uncomplicated like this. Particularly modern models also feature an HDMI port. This is important if you want to connect directly to the projector, for example, your PC. So it makes sense to finish pre-presentations on PC, and without that you have to pull on a storage medium, with this extra, you can send the file to directly to the projector. The advantage with this approach is that if you find a mistake or do not like the size, font, or something else on the projector-view you can resolve this problem immediately.pocket projector hdmi

Which Mini Projector manufacturer is the best?

From Crenova to Blitz Wolf, many manufacturers have been known to produce good Mini projectors. The differences here are usually only in appearance and in the features. Thus, there is the appropriate model for each type needed. To simplify the purchasing decision, five different mobile projectors were tested. From design to functionality and the features to price, all Mini projectors  have been put under the magnifying glass. We show, in this Mini projector test, what each of these mini projectors has and what it is suitable for. led and hdmi projector

MINI PROJECTOR TEST 2017 Nr. Of Visitors:

Additional Accessories For Mini Projectors

Since projector are now no longer used only for projection purposes, is usually the use of further Projector  accessories needed. Whether for securing or support for a more comfortable viewing experience, there are on the market for countless Equipment Mini projectors. Below you will find an overview of the most common equipment. hd projector hdmi
3D for your home

More and more movies are now recorded in 3D. Good projector resp. Mini projector  support this feature, allowing you to a three dimensional- video feeling in your own 4 walls.  Besides Mini projectors a 3D 
Eyewear is required for this. With this, you can easily view all   3D movies and videos like the movies at home.
Another crucial accessory is an HDMI cable. Most modern mini projectors feature have an HDMI port, 
which allows you a direct connection of the Mini projector example with the PC. Since this cable is not supplied with any mobile projector, it must be purchased separately. Accessories for mounting on walls and ceilings. hdmi for projector

Mini Projector Test - Crenova in Black

This Crenova branded Mini LED projector convinces already from the outside, through a very streamlined design completely in black. Equipped with 2600 lumens, this Mini projector is the appropriate model for use in the dark and in the light. With a life of 20,000 hours, you can use this mini projector for several years without any problems. It is therefore also suitable for regular use. The projection in this small projector is either front, rear or top. This gives you even more flexibility when using it. A great advantage of this mini projector is that it is compatible with both PC and laptop as well as your smartphone, iPad and even the television. So you can watch movies or presentations from multiple devices. The video quality of the Crenova Portable projector is also with 1080p HD which is comparatively particularly high and ideal for movies. hd video projector


  • 2600 Lumens mobile with projector
  • 20,000 hours lifespan
  • 1080p HD
  • Projection Size: 32-200 inches hd video projector
  • Projection: Front, rear and top
  • Supports HDMI, USB, TV / DTV, VGA and YPBPR
  • Compatible with TV, PC, laptop, iPad and smartphone...

This Mini projector convinces visually and functionally, making it the ideal model for a variety of purposes. travel projector
Product Datasheet Crenova

Crenova in Black
Manufactured by: Crenova
Model: Crenova in Black
Product ID: B0169JV3U6
4.5 based on 140 reviews
£69.99 New

Mini Projector Test Tec. Bean Wireless

If you are looking for a mini projector on both price and functionality, as well as convincing in terms of features, the wireless Mini projector of Tec.Bean is ideal for your needs. This mini projector has a wireless LAN function that allows you to have presentations, audio and video files play directly to the projector from the PC without wires. The image size for this mini projector is between 34 and 130 inches. With an additional image resolution of 800 x 480 and HD support, you can use this projector to watch entire movies. The lumen number in this model is 120 , which is perfectly adequate for good darkened rooms. A big plus is that in this Mini projector there is full HD for life. With up to 30,000 hours you can use the Mini projector a lot longer than comparable models. In addition, as it is located in the mid-price range, it is also an ideal tool for beginners. Another advantage with this HD Mini projector is the headphone output. Thus, you can also connect an amplifier to the projector, thus providing an even better sound. portable mini hd led projector


  • With 3.5mm headphone output
  • Brightness 120 lumens mini usb projector
  • With wireless function
  • Screen Size: 34 to 130 inches
  • Resolution: 800 x 480
  • Supports EXCEL-, WORD-, PDF- und PPT-files portable mini hd led projector
  • Lifespan: 30,000 hours...


With a particularly long service life and an excellent quality when you purchase, this mini projector is a top model. Altogether this has a very good price-performance ratio. MINI PROJECTOR TEST:
Product Datasheet Tec. Bean pocket size projector

Crenova in Tec. Bean Wireless
Manufactured by: Tec-Bean
Model: Crenova Wireless
Product ID: B01BVCSSUO
4 based on 59 reviews
£99.99 New

Mini Projector Test Blitz Wolf

Located in the mid-price range, this Mini projector offers an attractive design and a host of facilities. With a projection size of 19.8 x 15.2 x 6.9 CM, this mini projector is particularly suitable for the transmission of films and videos. Thanks to the integrated headphone jack it also offers the possibility to connect an amplifier to the mini projector. With this, and with 1,200 lumen, nothing stands in the way of a movie night with the family or friends. The special feature of this Mini LED Projector is the additional wireless function, which lets you send your files directly from your PC or laptop to the Mini projector without wires. This wireless feature is especially advantageous when you intend to mount this projector on the ceiling. With 20.000 hours lifespan, this small projector is also suitable for daily use. The high compatibility with the most common devices, as well as consoles, this Mini projector allows you a more flexible application both at home and at school and at work. MINI PROJECTOR TEST:


  • With Headphone Jack mini projector
  • Picture Resolution: 800 x 480
  • Lifespan: 20.000 hours
  • Screen Size: 19.8 x 15.2 x 6.9 CM mini projektor
  • Image size: 30 to 130 inches
  • With wireless WLAN function
  • Compatible with laptop, PC, telephone, Play station and Xbox
  • USB-Interface... small hd projector

Both in terms of price and in terms of functionality and features this is an excellent mini projector.
Produkt Datasheet Blitz Wolf

Mini Projector Blitz Wolf
Manufactured by: Blitz Wolf
Model: KF1800376
Product ID: B010L3R814
4.5 based on 218 reviews
£69.99 New

Mini Projector Test ABDTech

With a number of 800 lumens, this Mini projector is for simple audio and video transmission at home and in the office. Through the projection size of 34-130 inches you get with this mini projector an ideal image size, which is particularly suitable for graphics. With a lifespan of up to 20,000 hours, you can also very well integrate this mini projector in your job and use it regularly. This mini projector is also equipped with a remote control that makes its operation easier and more enjoyable. This mini projector can be even connected with both PC and laptop as well as your iPad and phone. This offers the possibility to transfer files directly.
The glass lenses as well as the 6-layer coating of this Mini give this projector a particularly sharp and clear image. Due to the low projection distance of only 1.8 meters, you can use this portable projector easily even in smaller rooms. This full HD mini projector is priced in the mid area, making it relatively more affordable. projector comparison

  • 20000 hours lifespan led mini projector
  • Projection size: 34 to 130 inches
  • Brightness 800 lumens
  • With 6-layer coating
  • Compatible with PC, laptop, phone and ipad
  • With AV cable pocket size projector
  • Includes remote control...
This mini projector convinces both functionally and externally across the board. The moderate price, combined with the wealth of functions and uses makes this mini projector the ideal model for both beginners and professionals.
Product Datasheet ABDTECH
Mini Projector ABDTech projector mini
Manufactured by: ABDTech
Model: STR020
Product ID: B01GKT4CKS
4.5 based on 61 reviews
£59.99 New

Mini Projector Test Portable Wifi Blitz Wolf

Already from the outside this Mini projector impresses with a very compact and precious design. Measuring just 7 x 16 x 21 cm this Mini projector fits on the desktop and is also easy to carry on the go. The lumen number in this mini projector is a whole 3600. This provides the small projector with enough natural light to be used even in broad daylight. This allows you to make particularly good use of this mini projector in school or at work, where a darkening of the rooms is not always possible. With an additional service life of 20,000 hours you can keep this projector for several years, even with regular use. A big plus was the test for high compatibility with the most common devices. You can use this HD mini projector itself on the PlayStation for example, or the TV box. The casing of this mobile projector is built very robust and resistant. The additional built-in speaker and HD resolution give this mini projector additional ease for watching video and movies. Small Portable Projector


# Screen Size: 19.8 x 15.2 x 6.9 CM TEST OF led mini projector
# 3600 lumens
# 20,000 hours lifespan
# 1080p HD video support best small projector
# With integrated speakers
# Compatible with PC laptop, USB, smartphone, PlayStation, Xbox and TV box
And much more... pocket size projector

This portable projector fits diverse needs due to the extensive features. Also, the simple handling and the moderate price make this small projector an overall very good price-performance ratio. projector min Test
Product Datasheet Blitz-Wolf

Wifi Blitz Wolf
Manufactured by: Blitz Wolf
Model: STR020
Product ID: B01KWKBCUY
5 based on 45 reviews
£185.00 New

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